Flashback: Roman Aquaduct

Flashback #3: Roman Aquaduct

In the south of France near the city of Nimes, is the best standing example of a Roman aquaduct left in the world, the Pont du Gard. Here, Alex and I are walking across this amazing example of Roman ingenuity and was obviously built to last. The 50km. structure is mostly underground but crosses the Gardon River with a triple tiered arched bridge and water channel from springs at Eze to the large Roman city of Nimes.

The aquaduct was started in the first century A.D. and at its pinnacle carried some 45 million gallons of water a day to supply the city’s many baths, fountains, and homes. The site was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

In addition to the the Provence, We visited Paris and Barcelona as part of a two week trip I organized with my former middle and high school students and some parents from Charleston.


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