Back of the House

Alleyways of Hoi An

Most ancient towns have something wonderful but is usually avoided or even feared in newer towns: Alleys. In most of Asia, life still thrives off the back alleys behind shops and houses and usually out of the prying eyes and cameras of tourists. Alleys provide a unique glimpse into the day-to-life of working people and their families. Laundry, cooking,farm animals and groups of children safely playing away from the busy streets are the typical scenes you will find in alleys. Open windows and doors and a relaxed calm away from the crowds replace the noise and fanny-packed tourists hoping on and off the bus for the next photo opp.

If you don’t linger or stare too long, these passageways can give the true traveler a better sense of place than the repetitive and uninspired gift shops and food stalls on the streets out front.


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