Should old acquaintance be forgot?

Whether it’s starting a new diet, exercise plan, or to stop reading so many pointless blogs (don’t say it), New Year’s Eve is a night with the best of intentions.  We all know where the road to good intentions lead, so perhaps it’s better to lay off the guilt and that fourth glass of champagne this year and settle for a couple realistic and reachable short and long term goals.

One example might be to do a little bit of exercise most days. Another might be to not buy so much stuff we don’t need and ultimately will not want, possibly before the visa bill arrives. If you are unsure if you fit into this category, take a quick peek out in the garage, hall closet, or storage unit.  Finally, resolve to be nicer to people who can do little for you. It’s easy to be nice to your boss or your rich and sickly uncle, but not as easy to the supermarket cashier or the person just waiting for someone to let them safely cross the street. Paying a little forward does make a difference.

I hope 2015 is good to you…


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