Pet Store of the Damned

Not a pet store.  We visited, but did not eat in this immaculate seafood restaurant in our neighborhood.  It was less about dinner and more about visiting a free aquarium.  As you enter, you are greeted by no less than six pretty young women dressed in tight black dresses-a la Mad Men-era stewardesses.  They all giggle as we babbled about a menu and are instead directed toward the two dozen large fish tanks built in a giant circle.

Behind the tanks are a half dozen men dressed in tall white hats and uniforms bludgeoning and dicing up all manners of sea life that moments ago were swimming in their tanks enjoying their 15 seconds of memories and nibbling peacefully and perhaps naively on chicklet-size pellets made of their very brethren.

The procedure is to walk around pick out your fish or octopus, sea cucumber, anemone, whelk or other creature and the boys in the back have it on your table with rice and vegetables in mere minutes.  No one can say it’s not fresh.  I guess in America we do the same with our lobsters, so this just an extension of that format. I am really hoping there is not a similar idea out there for the steakhouses around town. Not eating meat in China has been very easy.


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