Wok this way

This is not an oven.  It is a gas cook-top where all the cooking in China occurs generally.  Some people, ourselves included, use a microwave to help out, but only wealthy Westerners, ourselves not included, own an oven.  I am considering getting a toaster oven so we can have crunchy stuff like toast or homemade pizzas.  There are very few frozen easy-to-fix foods at the grocery and those are mostly dumplings stuffed with random and mysterious meats and vegetables. It is simply traditional Chinese food frozen and wrapped in glossy bags.

The oven-looking hospital surgical instrument autoclave-esque appliance is the seldom-used, but looks nice Sterilizer.  After washing your dishes, you place them all inside this device, push a button and a pleasing blue glow bathes your dishes for an hour or so.  When it is done, the UV and ozone process has crushed all bacteria in its track making your dishes and glasses hospital clean and fresh.


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