Bryce Canyon

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Less visited and more remote than its sister national parks at Zion and the Grand Canyon, southern Utah’s, Bryce Canyon is at least as stunning to visit.  More a series of natural amphitheaters than a true canyon, the park features thousands of sublime hoodoos-a tall, skinny and eroded rock formation reaching heights of small skyscrapers. Different minerals in the rocks create a wide range of hues, colors and textures but are generally reds, oranges, and yellows.

The Bryce Canyon area was settled by Mormons in the 1850’s, but was originally home to the Anasazi tribes and eventually the Paiute people. The Native Americans believed the hoodoos were the Legend People whom the Coyote had turned into stone.

The area remained undiscovered by most Americans until it became a national monument in 1923 and a national park just five years later. The park’s highest point is known as Rainbow Point at…

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